Photonova is a Swedish manufacturer and developer of IPL and skincare equipment.
Photonova ILS, Infrared Light System for Skin Rejuvenation Before and after
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Photonova ILS

ILS (Infrared Light System) is designed for skin rejuvenation using infrared light. Dermis consists of connective tissue with strands of collagen as the main component. Connective tissue makes the skin supple and firm.

As we age, collagen production decreases. This makes the skin gradually lose its elacticity; it becomes loose and thin lines and wrinkles arise.

ILS Skin Tightening tightens the skin by strengthening its own collagen production. During an ILS treatment the skin is heated down to a depth of 2 or 3 mm. This,together with a computer controlled cooling process, drastically stimulates the connective tissues.

The cooling process maintains a constant temperature in dermis. As a result the ILS treatment tightens the skin, without causing any scars or marks.

After an ILS-treatment the skin immediately begins to tighten. The skin's moisture balance seems to be restored quickly and the skin becomes firmer. The maximum effect occurred 6–8 weeks after treatment. Treatment effect lasts about a year before the collagen production returns to normal level. Maintenance is required about once a year. An initial treatment consists of 2–3 treatments 4–6 weeks apart to achieve maximum effect.

Clinical studies show that it achieves very good results in normal weight people with very loose skin on the cheeks and neck. This method of treatment has evolved greatly over the past few years and is now considered an established technology for Skin rejuvenation. The heating strengthens the formation of new connective tissue fibers (collagen). To achieve a good treatment effect, the connective tissue needs to be heated to a temperature of about 58°C for a short time. Since the skin's pain threshold is at about 48°C, the treatment is not entirely painless. However, most people can be treated without anesthesia or analgesia.

Technical specifications

Light sourceHalogen lamp
PulseAdvanced pulse forming
Spot size15×20 mm
Power levelsLow / Medium / High
Pulse length0,1—10 seconds
Wave length800—2200 nm
PowerUp to 30 W/cm²
Energy fluencyUp to 100 J/cm²