Photonova is a Swedish manufacturer and developer of IPL and skincare equipment.

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Powerlite AB has purchased Photonova of Sweden AB. We welcome all new (and old) customers to the Powerlite family. More information will follow.

PhotoNova Sweden is the manufacturer and global distributor of light-based products fundamental in the successful treatment of permanent hair reduction, vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, acne, fractional skin resurfacing and skin tightening with IR (infra red).

Our research and development department has spent over twenty years developing and improving our products. This has been possible by incorporating feedback from our end-users. We therefore encourage regular dialogue with our clients in order to gain their opinions and we incorporate this new knowledge into product development.

Our policy of open two-way dialogue has not only enabled PhotoNova Sweden to contribute worldwide towards providing innovative products and services. It has also allowed us to develop optimum working procedures in clinics and medical practices for the benefit and safety of patients, doctors and other staff-members. Our products and services will enable you to supply the best treatment solutions to your patients.

The Precilight HR IPL

Photonova PreciLight HR

The same high quality at a lower cost !

Permanent Hair Removal – Not Just a Dream

Embarrassing hair growth is a major problem to many people; men and women alike and regardless of age. To gently and easily remove hair growth, preferably permanently, has long been just a dream.

Photonova Precilight HR provides long-term treatment results using advanced IPL technology. It makes it an attractive alternative to painful, short-term solutions for hair removal, e.g. waxing, tweezing and shaving.